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Canadian composer Tobin Stokes composes opera, concert music and music for theatre, film, and more.

His sacred and secular choral music is performed around the world, and his orchestral music and other operas have been commissioned and premiered in Canada. His orchestral music has been recorded in Moscow and Bratislava.  


Pauline, his opera with libretto by Margaret Atwood, premiered in 2014. Fallujah, his opera with librettist Heather Raffo, premiered with Long Beach Opera and New York City Opera in 2016. His first opera, The Vinedressers (libretto and score), has seen three productions, while his latest, Rattenbury (libretto and score), premiered with Pacific Opera Victoria in 2017.


He has composed music for dozens of films. His most recent series, The Wild Canadian Year, was recorded with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.


As a collaborator in new theatre, besides composing music, Tobin has created sound design, music directed, arranged, written, and performed in countless productions. As a writer, he creates opera libretti, short plays, and song lyrics.


Tobin Stokes

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