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 - opera libretti, choral texts, and song lyrics, 

with recent forays in playwriting

Tobin is a former contributing editor for Arc Poetry Magazine.




10-minute mini-play, commissioned and premiered March 2020 Spark Festival, Belfry Theatre, Victoria, BC,

in association with SKAM Theatre and Other Guys Theatre Company


Trust Me

10-minute mini-play, commissioned and premiered, March 2019 Spark Festival, Belfry Theatre, Victoria, BC


One-act play, staged reading, March 2019 Brave New Playrites Festival, Vancouver, BC

GRAND OPERA (libretti for full-length opera with large cast and chorus)


War in the Woods

Full-length libretto (fictional, with reimagining of some true events) for full cast and large chorus. Created with SSHRC scholarship (2018-2019).

Received table read, 2022, Vancouver Opera.

CHAMBER OPERA (libretti for full-length opera with small cast)



Libretto for true story of architect Frances Rattenbury; his murder and the trial at the Old Bailey in London.

Concert version premiered 2012, Empress Hotel. 15-minute highlights version produced for Kings Head Theatre, London, September 2014. Workshopped Pacific Opera Victoria, 2017.

Full production premiered with Pacific Opera Victoria/Other Guys Theatre, Victoria BC, 2017 



The Vinedressers

Libretto for opera based on true events set in 1880s, Pelee Island, Ontario. Opera premiered 2001 (Belfry Theatre, Victoria) , and was subsequently produced in 2005 (International Kathaumixw Festival, BC), and 2015 (Highlands Opera Studio, Haliburton, Ontario)




Libretto for opera (in revision) based on true events, about English and Spanish competing for ownership of First Nations territories, Nootka, 1770s 

Performed in concert version, 2008, International Choral Kathaumixw, featuring First Nations elders and performers

SHORT CHAMBER OPERA (libretti for short chamber operas)



Libretto for mini-opera, fictional, set in the future in a shuttle on the way to Mars.

Premiered in Toronto and performed in many other Ontario venues, 2016, by Bicycle Opera Project, Canada.



Bianchi, a five-minute bicycle opera

Libretto for comic mini-opera about two bicycles chasing a third bicycle, using every bicycle pun imaginable.

Toured across Ontario and the Maritime provinces by Bicycle Opera Project, 2014, 2015

MUSICAL THEATRE (lyrics for music in theatre productions)


Flotsam and Jetsam: Life on the West Coast

Words for folk songs depicting coastal BC historic events and characters.

(Performed in Victoria, Burnaby, Nanaimo, 2015-17)



Good Timber: Songs and Stories of the Western Logger

Words for folk songs depicting BC historic logging culture and characters.

(Performed in Victoria, toured Vancouver Island, other BC cities, and

Northwestern USA)



Homeless (theatre)

Lyrics for folk songs depicting homeless people creating community

Workshopped 2013, Belfry Theate



How Can We Be Down

lyrics for musical celebration, performed by massed choirs,

International Kathaumix Choral Festival


Thunderbird and Whale

lyrics for choir, and soloist, featuring Tla'amin First Nation Singers and Dancers


Blue Green Water

lyrics for children's choir piece with featured First Nations soloist Takaya Blainey

Premiered at EU Urban Youth Choir Festival, Örebro, Sweden



Torch Song

lyrics for choir piece performed for the opening of the 2010 Olympic Torch Procession, Victoria BC



lyrics for children's choir piece, performed at 2010 Olympic venues



lyrics for massed choir piece, 

International Kathaumix Choral Festival


Vox Cubana

text of invented words for Cuban-inspired choral piece


Winding River

lyrics for a choir work describing rivers in central USA



Vox Inuit

text of invented words for choir piece inspired by throat singing


Find Your Fortune

lyrics for choir piece sung in various BC locations for BC 150th celebrations,

relating to the history gold mining in BC


Bamfield 1902

words for choir piece that incorporates Sanford Fleming's first telegram sent around

the world



Vox Tronica 

invented words imitating techno music sounds for children's choir,

sung by choirs in festivals and concerts across Europe and Asia 2006-present



lyrics for "story of the bear" (the big dipper) for choir piece premiered in Melbourne, Australia



The BC Song

Text for music sung by choirs across BC for the Vancouver/Whistler 2010 Olympic bid


2004 and earlier

The Perfect Vase

Text for large chorus and soloists

Harwood Suite

Text for choral suite based on naritives set in coastal British Columbia


The Black Robes

Text set on arrival of the first priests to the Tla'amin Nation territories


Hunker Down

Lyrics for mens' choir piece about BC coastal living


Hahm Kwu Y Tlauk Hahm Kwu e Metl

Text for choir and soloists depicting the stories of

the Tla'amin Nation, with Tla'amin elders, singers, dancers, drummers


Whut Kwum!

Text for choir and soloists depicting the stories of

the Tla'amin Nation, with Tla'amin elders, singers, dancers, drummers


Various texts (list to be added here soon) LINK

Tobin Stokes

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